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The Art Of Applying Makeup As An Accessory To Fashion

Makeup is an item that can be added to your own look, and because of this, we are going to walk you through the easiest and most flattering trends for this season so that you can look stunning.

The Art Of Applying Makeup As An Accessory To Fashionfoto:


This season features a number of different flattering styles. There is, on the one hand, the natural look, which is characterized by tones of earth and gold, as well as neutral tones for the eyes and lips that are translucent but shiny.

On the other side, there is the hotter style, which consists of darker tones for the eyes, ranging from dark blue to purple and black, as well as dark, seductive lips.



If you add a little bit of anything pearlescent to your foundation, you can obtain a look that is both contemporary and flattering.

ADVICE: Make sure that your foundation covers all of your face. After it has been absorbed into the skin, wait a few minutes to allow it to penetrate, and then apply a very little bit of illuminating powder to the T zone, which includes the forehead, cheeks, and chin. Use a brush to thoroughly blend it for a finish that is pearlescent yet still natural. The end effect is skin that is soft and satiny.


You can make your appearance appear more awake by using a light cover-up that is lighter than your skin tone on top of your foundation.

ADVICE: Use the tip of your finger to thoroughly blend it in around your eyes in order to remove any surplus. And there you have it: a fantastic appearance that is free of bags and brimming with vitality.


For a natural effect, utilize browns and neutral tones.

ADVICE: To complete the appearance and add a hint of brightness, apply a golden shade to the top eyelid. This will highlight the eyes. Applying a dark brown pencil to the inside of your eye can give the appearance that your eyes are more powerful.

Use deeper tones, the ones you enjoy the most, for a seductive appeal. These tones might range from bottle green to navy blue. Alternately, you might use blacks and grays if you want.

ADVICE: Don’t forget to apply the darker color on your eyelid by making a blended line close to your eye lashes, and put makeup on the outer eye using a black pencil. Also, don’t forget to place the lighter color on the inner corner of your eye. To get a seductive and alluring appearance, apply a pearly or shiny white eyeshadow to the lower eyelid, just below the eyebrow.

EXTREMELY IMPORTANT: Since mascara is something that everyone notices, curl your eyelashes before applying it and use two coats of it to give them volume.


Use colors that are delicate and naturally rosy to give the appearance that your cheekbones are healthy.

ADVICE: Make sure that the blush that you apply to your cheeks is nicely blended by using a clean brush and loose powder.


Apply lip gloss for a juicy, natural look if you wish to go for a natural look or if you find that you have applied too much lipstick.

ADVICE: Select a lip gloss that not only makes your lips sparkle but also shields them from the elements.

If, on the other hand, you want to abandon the natural appearance, I recommend going with a fiery red or a brilliant fushia. As a consequence, you get seductively provocative lips that yet look natural.

ADVICE: To outline your lips, use a lip pencil that is sharpened properly and has a color that is extremely similar to your lipstick. Perform this step before applying lipstick to ensure that the color will remain vibrant for a longer period of time and that you will have an easier time working with darker tones.


To make your hair appear brighter without altering its natural color, use a rinse that is a shade or two lighter than your natural hair color when you wash it.

ADVICE: Speak with your hairdresser about it. There are rinses available that can naturally hydrate the hair while also giving it gloss.

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