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How to Make Hair Braids

Braiding your hair is a technique to style your hair that you can accomplish at home, but there is a learning curve involved in doing so.

Once you’ve mastered the art of braiding hair, you’ll be able to create a cute new look in your own hair or in the hair of someone else in a matter of minutes.

The following are some simple steps that will show you how to braid hair.

To braid the hair of another person or to do the hair on the front of one’s own head

The hair should be tidy and devoid of moisture. In order to make the braid seem more equal, you might choose to blow dry your hair straight first if it is naturally wavy or curly.

How to Make Hair Braidsfoto:

Include some style gel in your routine to tame any stray hairs and make your hair easier to handle. Comb through the hair to get rid of any knots.

Part the hair into three portions that are all the same size. The piece on the left should be held between the index finger and thumb of the left hand, the section in the middle should be allowed to dangle freely, and the section on the right should be held between the index finger and thumb of the right hand.

Your right middle finger should be used to hold the center portion, and you should pull it such that it goes behind the right section.

Extend the thumb and index finger on your right hand so that the segment of hair on the right becomes the new center section of hair.

To do this, use the middle finger on your left hand to drag the center section behind the left section. Move the part on the left into the centre by extending or straightening the index finger and thumb on the left hand.

Move the section of hair that is looped in the middle finger on the right hand so that it lies between the index finger and the thumb on the right hand. It is necessary to do this again.

Then move the section of hair that is trapped in the middle finger on the left hand so that it is positioned between the index finger and the thumb on the left hand.

Carry on working the braid until it reaches the desired length. Pull the portion in the centre into a horizontal line as you move it to the right or left to create a braid that is denser and more compact.

If you want your braid to be more relaxed and drawn out, just move the part in the centre to the right or left and keep the rest of the braid in a straight line.

When you have finished braiding the hair, use a covered rubber band to fasten the end of the braid. If you want, you may add a bow or a barrette.

Be sure to pull the different sections of hair apart as evenly as you can so that the tension stays the same throughout. If the tension is higher on one side compared to the other, your braid will curve to the higher tension side rather of resting flat.

When you tug on your hair, try not to do it with too much force because this might cause damage.

Creating a braid on the nape of your own head

Before you start, be sure to comb through your hair and get rid of any knots. Part the hair into three portions that are all the same size.

If you braid your hair when it is moist, say thirty minutes to an hour after you have taken a shower or bath, it does not get frizzy and is simpler to deal with, according to the findings of some individuals.

Raise your left elbow to the height of your shoulders and create a fist with your thumb pointing down around the left side of your hair. Repeat steps one through three on the right side, this time allowing the central section to rest on your spine.

Extend the index finger on your left hand and hook the part of hair on the right. Move it so that it is in front of the area in the middle, and then let it to totally escape the right hand.

Take the portion of hair in the centre of your head with your right hand, pull it to the right side, and then bring both of your hands back into the posture of a thumbs-down fist.

You should extend the index finger on your right hand and hook the very leftmost section of hair before allowing it to totally escape the grasp of your left hand.

After repositioning the section of hair in your left hand into a fist with your thumb pointing down, let go of the index finger on your left hand. Make a fist with your right hand while pointing your thumb down, and then use the index finger on your left hand to hook the area on the far right.

Maintain the same level of effort until the braid is finished. If you want to braid particularly long hair, you might need to free up a hand to be able to pull the portions of hair through the braid.

When you move your hands to make the next cross in the braid, push your knuckles into the braid to keep it secure as it is being created. When the braid is complete, fasten it with a covered elastic, and then decorate it however you choose.

Try out a few various hand positions and see what works best. It’s possible that you’ll find a strategy that works even better for you.

The key to success is consistent practice

When you first attempt to braid hair, you will notice that the process moves rather slowly. Practice your technique and be patient until you know how to braid hair. It’s possible that it will take some time before you find your groove.

The more you practice braiding, the simpler it will get to complete the task.

If you are braiding the hair of a small kid, ask her to keep her head steady so you can work. Provide her with a hand mirror so that she may observe you braiding the hair.

If her hair is too thin and fine for an elastic to hold the braid, try pipe cleaners. These are available in a wide variety of hues, and youngsters typically have easy access to them.

If you want to learn how to braid hair, it may be helpful to go to a hair salon where they provide braiding services and observe the stylists braid the customers’ hair.

Braiding the hair of a doll or a hair mannequin is an additional method that is beneficial for practice.

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