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How to Determine the Proper Haircut for Your Facial Structure

Have you ever gone to the salon with a hairstyle magazine in hand, hoping to have your locks transformed into the newest trend featured on the front page, only to have your stylist tell you that you do not have the right shaped face to wear the style, or, even worse, your stylist puts that exact haircut on you, but you look nothing like the model wearing the cut in the magazine?

If so, then you’ve had the unfortunate experience of going to the salon with a hairstyle magazine in hand, hoping to have your locks

We’ve all been through dreadful times on the hairdresser’s chair.

How to Determine the Proper Haircut for Your Facial Structurefoto:

The majority of the time, these problems are not caused by technological flaws but rather by mistakes made while selecting a style that is not suited to our facial shape and body type.

Your build should be taken into consideration by hairstylists when they are selecting the ideal cut for your individual appearance.

To provide one example, a person with a large frame would not be able to pull off a close cropped style, and a person with a tiny frame would not be able to pull off a full-bodied style. The important thing is to strike a balance between your personal style and the frame you choose.

When determining the most flattering hairstyle for you, stylists should also take into account the form of your face.

There are five primary facial shapes: oval, heart, round, square, and triangle. The oval face shape is the most common.

Although each of these forms has the potential to be lovely, the oval is the most desirable of the bunch. No matter what kind of face you have, attaining the optimal look requires selecting a cut or style that will make your face appear more oval.

This is true even if you already have an oval face.

Certain facial features, such as the distance from the hairline to the bridge of the nose (between the eyes), from the bridge of the nose to the lips, and from the lips to the bottom of the chin, are used to determine whether or not a person has an oval face shape.

Oval face shapes are distinguished by their perfect symmetry. You may count yourself among the extremely fortunate people in the world if the shape of your face is oval.

This is the only form that can be flatteringly complemented by virtually every haircut that can be conceived of.

Faces that have the form of a heart are often wider at the top of the head and narrow down to a point at the chin. The weight of the haircut should be placed at the level of the chin, and shorter bangs or styles that incorporate bangs should be used.

This will make the face seem more oval. It is important to keep in mind that the objective is to reduce the size of the forehead while increasing the prominence of the chin.

Round faces are exactly what they sound like: round. They have prominent cheekbones and a somewhat narrow forehead and chin in comparison to the rest of their face. The cheekbones are to be reduced in prominence as part of this exercise.

The majority of the time, the styles that work best are those that have height in the bang and sides that are cut toward the face.

Square faces are characterized by prominent foreheads and jaw lines that are more acutely pointed. This face shape looks best with cuts that have softer edges and a lot of texture that is directed toward the face in some way.

It is recommended that the length be kept greater than the length of the jaw in order to divert attention away from the jaw, but simultaneously, that length should be layered.

A style that is straight and sleek would only help to emphasize the angular lines that are present in the face.

Faces with a triangular shape are broad across the cheekbones and chin but taper to a point in the middle of the forehead.

They may be styled in a manner that is quite similar to how square faces are styled, with one important distinction: greater height and fullness are required throughout the crown and bang areas in order to give the impression that this part of the face is more expansive.

Take this information with you to the next time you go to the salon so that you can show off what you’ve learned from your hairdresser.

This time around, when you peruse various fashion books and publications, you will be able to hone in on the ideal new cut for you. Best of luck!

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