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How the Stars Use Eye Shadow and How You Can Too: 4 Tips

The vast majority of individuals are under the impression that they are physically flawed in some fundamental way, and the stars are not an exception to this rule.

Both Angelina Jolie and Beyonce Knowles are known for their stunning use of eye shadow.

They don’t try to hide the fact that they utilize a variety of makeup techniques to enhance their appearance, and they don’t try to hide the fact that they use eye shadow.

Eye shadow is designed to draw emphasis to a person’s eyes (yes, male movie stars also use it! ), while at the same time enhancing the appearance of the eyes by either drawing attention away from or covering up minor defects in the eyes’ appearance.

How the Stars Use Eye Shadow and How You Can Too: 4 Tipsfoto:

Here are some pointers on how to properly apply eye shadow so that it can hide some of the imperfections that you might feel are present in your appearance.

You will want to make sure that others are aware that you are wearing eye shadow so that you can get the most out of the look that it has on you.

Prepping Your Eyes First

Before applying shadow, several professionals in the beauty industry recommend prepping your eyes first. The skin around the eyes has a paler tone than the skin on the rest of the face, primarily as a result of the fact that it is less likely to be exposed to the sun over one’s lifespan.

If you apply a layer of bone shadow to your eyelids, the coloring will become more uniform with the rest of your face; but, any color that you apply on top of that will have a tendency to stand out more.

Experiment With A Number Of Different Tones

Experiment with a number of different tones before settling on the one that works best for you. Eye shadow in a bronze tone looks good on most people, but the exact shade you choose should be determined by the color of your own eyes.

If you have blue eyes, for instance, the ideal color to wear to draw attention to them is a darker shade of blue (this will make your own eye color stand out and appear even bluer), taupe, violet, or gray. Brown eyes look fantastic when highlighted with lighter colours and contrasts, but green eyes shine most when highlighted with similar shades that are somewhat darker.

Don’t Be Scared To Experiment With Some Edgier Looks

When it comes to your eye shadow, don’t be scared to experiment with some edgier looks. Colors with a silvery sheen and a dazzling appearance can look fantastic and have an undoubtedly exotic charm.

You should make an effort to coordinate your color scheme with the color of your eyes or the clothing you wear, and you should be sure to acquire some positive feedback before attempting to wear it in public.

Last But Not Least

If you look in the mirror and see that your eyes have some minor imperfections, there are a number of different methods that may be employed to improve their appearance. If you feel that the distance between your eyes is too great, you can make them look as though they are closer together by drawing attention to the inner corner of your eye.

Increase the amount of shadow that is applied to this region, and then mix it outwards towards the rest of the eye. If your eyes are too close together, you can create the illusion of space by darkening the outside margins of your eye and keeping the inner corners light. This will give the appearance that your eyes are further apart.

Again, you want to make sure that the colors blend together so that the accent is not obvious. Applying eye shadow in a lighter shade will make your eyes appear larger, so keep that in mind.

Eye shadow is an excellent tool for subtly altering one’s appearance using a product that can be put to a variety of uses, does not come at an excessively high price, and can be applied in a method that is manageable for the vast majority of people.

If you make your eyes stand out, people will take notice of you.

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